We believe that actions speak louder than words. Therefore, instead of just talking about “Health is wealth”, we put it into action. To keep the people of Ahmedabad fit as a fiddle, we have organized various centers providing free check-ups and treatment.

Life Enrichment

Learning is a continuous process. Aiding you in learning new skills to remain up to date with the changing world is one of our motives. To fulfill that motive, we bring various training workshops that add value to your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual spheres of life.


Education trains the mind to think, not just to remember the facts. With due consideration to this idea, we have designed various courses which stimulate the brains of the young ones to think in a unique way and arouses thier curiosity to always know more.

Women Empowerment

A self-aware woman can bring out the best version of herself and benefit the whole world due to it. With varied activities, we make an effort to unleash the steadfast leader capable to graciously promote awareness and moral excellence in the society.


We understand that school is just a path and not the final destination. To make this journey more adventurous and fun-learning we come up with activities that develop the kids in various aspects of life along with their educational growth.


We make a living by what we get, but we make a ‘LIFE’ by what we give. We believe that anybody can give. You do not have to be wealthy to give. A little bit of time & your skill that can be useful to others are more than enough.

Legal and Financial

In order to live an ideal life, proper knowledge of rules and regulation along with financial independence is a must. We at Adarsh Amdavad make an effort to keep the people of Ahmedabad updated with legal knowledge and aware about their finances.


If you don’t make life fun, then there is no life at all. We wish to gift you a life that has ‘LIFE’ in it. In order to add up some fun in your life, we come up with various activities that garnishes your life with new exciting flavours.