Life Enrichment

Learning is a continuous process. Aiding you in learning new skills to remain up to date with the changing world is one of our motives. To fulfill that motive, we bring various training workshops that add value to your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual spheres of life.

  1. Yoga Teachers’ Training:(Certificate course) 4 months or more Daily 3 hours
  2. English Speaking Teachers Training Certificate course.
  3. Ideal Child Development
  4. Parenting for peace.
  5. Public Speaking :- 5 days Daily two Hours Art of address the to public.
  6. Life Management Training of Trainers. :- 4 months training 3 hours daily in 4 days /week
  7. Nursery Teachers Training. : – Certificate Course of 4 months, Daily 2 hours.
  8. Keys to Success
  9. Goal Setting
  10. Benefits Available to Senior Citizen
  11. Time Management
  12. Be a good Orator.