We believe that actions speak louder than words. Therefore, instead of just talking about “Health is wealth”, we put it into action. To keep the people of Ahmedabad fit as a fiddle, we have organized various centers providing free check-ups and treatment.

  1. Medical Centers :Allopathic-5, Homeopathic-2, Family Welfare-1 & Dental Clinic
  2. Yoga Practice Centers :36 Centers in various areas of the city are run by us
  3. Acupressure treatment centers : 9
  4. Free medicine of kidney stone: 30 centers for distribution of Ayurvedic medicine.
  5. Astang Yog: 5 day workshop
  6. Consultancy : Diet, Gynecology,Yoga, Shivambu, Ayurved, Reiki & Naturopathy
  7. Aerobics
  8. Dhyan Yog (Meditation) 2 Days, 3 Hours Workshop
  9. Marm Chikitsa (Natural Treatment)
  10. Yog Basic Training Certificate Course:. Two Months training Daily 3 Hours.
  11. Acupressure Training Class: 5/3 days training class, 2 hr daily.
  12. Ayurvedic Massage Training Classes for males and females:10 days training daily 2 hrs.
  13. Learning Reiki I and II degree classes: 3 day training daily for 2 hr.
  14. Therapy:- Pranik Healing , Nail Care, Magnet, & Color
  15. Health Awareness and first aid
  16. Keys of complete Healthy life :- 7/10 Days Shibir For two Hours Daily Training by the experts of Different Health systems.
  17. Yog Shibir :- Daily 1 hour for 15 days
  18. Naturopathy
  19. Eye Check up and Cataract Operation / Dental Check up
  20. Principles of Happy life style
  21. Art of Healthy Living
  22. Weight loss with full healthy food.
  23. Cardiac Massage care / First Aid Guidance
  24. Sun Gazing Style and Advantages.
  25. Obesity.
  26. Diet Guidance.
  27. Yogasan and Aurvedic Guidance for Knee Joints and Back Pain.
  28. Cure Cardiac Problems without Surgery Medicines or Angiography
  29. Cure Depression , Diabetes, Constipation without medicine
  30. Natural Home Made Treatments