To achieve something big in life, your thinking should be rich. You should be ready to accept new ideas and ideologies. Narrow-mindedness blocks all other ways and it only shows the way you feel is right, but it may be wrong! A one-track thinking betrays immaturity, and the outcome can be disastrous. And then you are left wondering what went wrong! Your success depends on your thinking only.

For example:- A temple’s construction is going on.
1st person says I’m breaking stones.
2nd person says I’m earning money.
3rd person says I’m constructing a temple.
Thus, you can say who is wise. It’s your “choice” what you want to think.

Mindset is developed based on your experiences and your surrounding environment. If you want to change your mindset, you should question your experiences also. Can you trust your experiences? For Eg:- Alcohol gives good experience, but can you say it is good for you?

Thus you should question your thinking every time. Is it good for me? You should analyze it and ask for different opinions.

By being receptive to other opinions, you will be able to perceive the same matter from different aspects. It will enrich your decision making process, and help you arrive at sounder and well thought out choices. So you must work on your thinking. If your thinking is in the right direction, you can learn from anything. Thus, Think Big, because Ideas are no one’s monopoly!

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