What Participants Say

I have achived more then I gave to the students of computer classes of Aadarsh Amdavad. I could learn how to live life being positive. After retirement I have chosen my right direction and now life is full of delight.
Surekhaben Shah
Surekha Shah

I work as a Voluntary teacher in acupressure training classes of Aadarsh Amdavad. In addition I give treatment of acupressure to ailing patients. Almost 3000 patients have been cured using this treatment. Such a Voluntary service to the society helps to gain self-satisfaction and blessings of the people.
Neeta Sheth

Aadarsh Amdavad is an NGO that only gives gives and gives. It is a place where every human has a chance to transform his/her life. You learn so much from Aadarsh and you get inner peace and happiness that nothing else can give you. It is also a very good platform to give services which in return gives you unimaginable satisfaction. I am blessed to have known and experienced Adarsh Ahmedabad.
Yogini Mehta Advocate