What can I do to help you in fulfilling the dream of “Aadarsh Amdavad”?

  • By taking part in various activities conducted at Aadarsh Amdavad, you can make yourself a better citizen.
  • Based on your interest, skill, knowledge and time you can become a volunteer in a way most suitable to you.
  • By opening an Aadarsh Amdavad Seva center in your place or any other place that you own.
  • By being supportive in this dream wholeheartedly and contributing in any means that are possible.

To reach the 60 lakh citizens of Ahmedabad we will need about 1.5 lakh volunteers. We will also need around 1000 seva centers for carrying out activities for all these people. Aadarsh citizen makes Aadarsh family, Aadarsh family makes Aadarsh Community and an Aadarsh community makes and Aadarsh city. Do join us in this and also motivate others to join as well. The sooner all of you join, the sooner will we reach towards our dream.